Our Favorite Winery

Lord knows my husband and I love to take off on road trips, explore things off the beaten path, find local faire whenever possible and just enjoy seeing new places. However, in all of our jaunts, our very favorite wine tasting room/winery is only 30 minutes from our house in Sulphur Springs, Texas. If you are ever in the area, you should definitely check out Phinessé Farms Winery. Their story is one right out of a romantic novel almost, and someone should make a movie about them. Seriously. Love these people. The owners and staff are amazing. This is now a cherished spot for our date nights close to home. Here is their website: https://www.phinessefarms.com

I am incredibly picky when it comes to trying new things regarding food/beverage, as most of you know. This is especially true of wine or alcohol. However; this winery has honestly earned the title of favorite in my book – and the fact that their wines are low sulfates – even better. I am starting to think I am going to be doing a lot of Christmas shopping here. They sell hand painted wine glasses, created by the owner’s mother, who is in her 90’s I think. Exquisitely impressive.

Also noteworthy – especially since I’m the Healthy Habit Lady – is that they create and sell a wonderful supplement. Phinessé Farms currently produces muscadine powder from the skins and seeds of the Noble muscadine grape. Research has shown tremendous health benefits associated with the muscadine grape with the highest concentration of antioxidants in the skins and seeds. Their muscadine powder is sun-dried skins and seeds which is then milled and ground into a fine powder. One half teaspoon a day of this healthy gift of nature gives the body a healthy dose of antioxidants for helping to fight many ailments. Review the research on the web and determine for yourself if muscadine powder may be right for you. If so, consider purchasing the product at Phinessé Farms. You can’t go wrong with just pure muscadine skin and seed powder with no fillers. Here is a link to their online store: https://www.phinessefarms.com/store.html#/

The first time we visited this place, I left my jacket there. We didn’t return again for a few weeks, and I had no idea I left my jacket at the winery. I had looked everywhere, assuming it was long gone. When we returned for our 2nd visit, the ever-so-pleasant lady remembered us and brought me my jacket. She even remembered I loved the blackberry wine. I was impressed (and hooked). We now return often.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos from this quaint and friendly spot. We like it so much we joined their wine club, and I never thought I would do that anywhere 🙂

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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