Who Saw Deb Dance in a Bar?

Story time about precious friends!

This fantastic lady has been my sister from another mister since I was about 18 years old ( I think ) … friends through thick and thin –quite literally. She has lived with me twice in two different states. She gave me a wooden cross decades ago that I still have and hangs on my wall present day. She once asked me if I could teach her how to be a social butterfly like me and I believe my response was something like why in the world would you want to be like anyone other than your own amazing self … that was about the best I had at my 20 ish years of wisdom stage!

Lisa loves to drink tea and lives her life fiercely without apology for her never-wavering Faith in God. She is consistent and diligent, and has overcome much. I admire the steadfast way she relentlessly pursues a relationship with her Lord and always makes decisions based on her core values. She has spent time on her knees in prayer for me, as I have done for her.

No, today is not her birthday nor is it any kind of anniversary or anything. She lives in Virginia (my home state) and I live in Texas. We are miles apart in geography but never more than a phone call or text away. The moral of the story? When people that are important to you in your life come into your mind, tell them. If anyone is painfully aware of how very short this Earthy life can be, it is me. Let us waste no time speaking what’s on our mind.

Side note: She is one of the very few folks who have ever seen me dance in a bar!

Love you Lisa – we need another girls road trip.

As always, make champion choices!
The Healthy Habit Lady

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