My entire life, I have struggled with something called SED (Selective Eating Disorder).  This caused a myriad of issues, one of which is morbid obesity.  I topped out at 325 pounds.  I’ve now lost over 170 pounds and embracing lifestyle changes, one habit at a time.

This blog started out as basically a documentation of my weight loss journey, and a place to be brutally honest and completely transparent.  It has evolved over time as I am now in maintenance mode; not weight loss mode.  This blog project has grown to include some of my writings, like poetry, as well as recipes sometimes … my motivational mantras, outdoor adventures, road trips, etc.  At this point is my history as well as my present day lifestyle.

I really enjoy outdoor things such as hiking, camping, swimming … visiting state parks, taking pictures, etc. I love finding detours and less traveled pathways.  I look for joy and beauty everywhere, even in the most ordinary and everyday moments.

I love writing, whether it’s technical manuals or poetry or just this blog, it doesn’t matter, I love to write. People ask me all of the time when I am going to publish a book, so I think I need to do that.  Maybe this will be the year I do that.

Another passion of mine is volunteering and working with non-profit organizations.  I even have a certificate in the leadership of non-profit organizations.  In the past; I often hosted foreign exchange students from other countries in my home, and I have been working with them for over a decade.  I love other cultures and people different from myself.  I enjoy having friends all over the globe.

I also obtained a personal trainer certification; and obtained some specializations with the older population as well as children.  I do not do personal training as a career or job right now; but if you need help, let me know.

I have lived in many places such as Virginia, California, Tennessee.  Here in Texas I have lived in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.  Presently I am enjoying country life, in a small town in Northeast Texas.  I live on 13 acres on a lake and it is my little oasis, slice of Heaven on Earth, happy place.  Unless life and circumstance dictate otherwise; I never plan to move again.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell I guess.  Read on, join me in my journey, and try not to judge too harshly when you see me make my picky-eating face 🙂



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