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NOT sure how many of you know this, but I use to teach technology training for a living, taught software applications and database design etc. My license plate even said PC TRNR. I quit full-time work to focus on rugrats. Presently enjoying my last round of potty training. Meanwhile I’m studying to get my personal trainer certification in the fitness industry. I think I need to write a best selling novel titled something like ‘PC Trainer to Potty Trainer to Personal Trainer’ … watcha think? 🙂 Or something like that …


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

July 23, 2012

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Her Book

Her Book

By: Debra Sue Higginbotham
a.k.a. Healthy Habit Lady

Leaning against the wall,

sitting on the floor,

with a book in her lap,

she’d never read before.

She sat Indian style,

hair falling in her eyes,

ignoring distant chatter

of teenage girls & guys.

She wasn’t like the rest

at the age of seventeen,

wearing cool clothes,

and in the fashion scene.

And as the sun was fading,

into a distant – – quiet sky,

a young man walked up,

acting kind of shy.

He sat down beside her,

with a little apprehension,

and asked about the book

capturing her attention.

She looked at him & smiled,

much to his surprise …

as she whispered “The Bible”,

and pushed the hair from her eyes.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
All material is hereby copyrighted.
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