I Didn’t Puke and I Wasn’t Last

Everyone has a different marker of success.  I had to run a mile and a half today, for a class I’m taking in college, and I am not a runner, not in the least.  Your marker of success might have been to run the thing in 10 minutes.  Someone else’s might have been to simply finish.  My two goals were to avoid puking and not be last.  So in that respect, I succeeded. 

The class I’m taking is part of my personal trainer certification track and it is called ‘Group Fitness Instruction’. We just started this week so we are establishing baselines!  We are doing things like taking measurements, tracking weight, establishing body fat percentages and testing fitness ability in different areas. Today we ran a mile and a half while wearing heart monitors so that we could calculate VO2 MAX.  

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it, it’s interesting 🙂  Basically, our muscles, get more efficient at using oxygen when we do regular aerobic exercise. This is because of an increase in the activity and number of enzymes that move oxygen into the muscle. A way to measure this is known as “VO2 Max.” During exercise, VO2 Max is the point at which the body can no longer increase the amount of oxygen it uses despite the intensity of the exercise increasing. The more you exercise, the higher your VO2 Max point becomes, making your muscles that much more efficient.  So between the distance we ran, and the heart rate recorded on the monitors, we are able to calculate this vital piece of information.

Now, here’s the thing. Do you all know that I have never been a runner? I was terrible at running even in high school – hated the track thing. Doctors have told me for years that I should not run due to my jacked up knee. Well guess what. I went to the Dr. yesterday for my monthly check-up. I told him about my classes and goal for PT cert. He is very happy with me, says I’m perfectly healthy, and there is NO reason why I cannot run. Aww man. He gave me a green light to run, and then told me it would actually be very good for me with my genetic mutation to help prevent potential heart disease.  You know what else? He told me that running on a regular basis would ALSO help with my loose skin from all of this weight loss. Wow. I’ve never in my life had a dr. tell me to run. Now I’m scared … aaaack. But alas I have two 5k’s that I have paid for coming up soon, and this class teacher seems dead set and determined to get me running.   I’m always telling people to get out of their comfort zone.  Well I certainly got out of mine today.  

Here are a few musings from this running thing today:

(1) I need a better bra.
(2) I will need to tape my knee or wear some kind of brace, because it does indeed still hurt when running.
(3) I hate hills.
(4) I hate heat. (Even though it was morning – it was hot and the sun was bright)
(5) While I am not really competitive by nature, I was determined not to be last.

Now here are some things I love about these classes and this community college I attend:

(1) The students in these classes are quite diverse.  We have all kinds of folks of different ages, shapes and sizes and abilities. We have retired vets, young hard bodies and even a deaf girl who has an interpreter. 
(2) The professors are amazing, and my first instructor is actually a former student of my second instructor. Her husband also teaches several exercise classes.  
(3) From best I can tell, there is no judging or condescending looks.  Everybody cheers everybody else.
(4) The campus is very beautiful with fabulous landscaping, walking trails, picturesque sitting areas and nice facilities.
(5) The gym has a great locker room, shower and even an awesome water fountain with filtered water specifically to fill up water bottles.  This was especially appreciated as I was walking back inside from the run.


Best. Water. Fountain. Ever.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady 


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Thou Shalt Not Judge…

Emergency breakfast

So, when it’s your first day of a new college course schedule … and the 2nd day of school for your kids … and the house you live in is on the market for sale … you MIGHT forget to eat breakfast before you dash out the door at 6:55 a.m.

I arrived slightly early to the building.  I am very appreciative of my husband who had taken me to the campus beforehand and showed me where I needed to be, etc.  There was a juice bar in this building, which also has a gym, but the juice bar was closed.  I forgot to eat.  Ooops.  I think I was more concerned with making sure the boys had lunch money and clothes to wear. My scheduled included two classes back to back this morning, so I was afraid I was going to get super hungry.

Alas, the first class … ended early, and the juice bar was thus open.   The choices were limited though. Now this is the type of situation where my SED comes into play and affects things.  While they did have some fruit and yogurt, my fear of unknown foods prevents me from trying something different in a new place (not always, but often).  The apples and oranges just did not look appealing in the least. The yogurt looked runny. Oddly enough they had a bunch of energy drinks, and potato chips and chocolate candy bars, etc.  This was in a gym, mind you.  There was packaged oatmeal, but I saw no place where I would get hot water or how I would prepare the thing.  So I had to settle for a Fiber One bar and a Strawberry Banana smoothie.  Don’t judge, I was desperate.

You know what?  I barely drank half of that thing (it was surely pure sugar) and I maybe ate half of the Fiber Bar.   I felt my heart start to actually beat faster as I began consuming these items.   Surely that was due to high sugar content.

But aside from forgetting breakfast and going to the wrong room (oops) … I was very happy and pleased with these two instructors and classes.  They were completely different, but both amazing.  Feels good to have such clarity about being in the perfectly right place.  Regardless of what room you’re entering. 


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady



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New Hair, New Outfit, New Address?

I’ve been a busy little bee … I mean, after all, Debra does mean ‘worker bee’ in Hebrew, so it is only fitting I suppose.  And speaking of fitting, it was getting ridonkulous how many clothes I own that no longer fit {Insert Happy Dance Here}.  So I gave away a big pile. Truth be told, I had big motivation to do such.

My latest motivation to gut my closet is the fact that we are moving in October.   I’m quite excited about this move, but I wasn’t excited at the thought of filling up boxes with clothing that is too big.  

Meanwhile, school starts on Monday.  Not only does it start back for the kiddos, it starts for this mama as well.  Yes, I will be taking 13 credit hours.  This helps propel me towards my goal of certified personal trainer … among other things.  So I get to carry a full college load and pack up a house … all in short order.  And somehow I got bamboozled to be on two different PTA boards.  Yes, I’m that crazy.

Now with all of this going on, you know it would be horrible to end up completely BALD by pulling all of my hair out … thus … a haircut was seriously needed.  Pictures below.  You may also note, I am wearing a new dress in the pics.  I’m not big on dresses actually, but it was kind of fun to buy some new clothes and test out different styles.  But when all is said and done, I am probably most comfortable in my sneakers, jeans and a simple t-shirt. 





As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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