No Flu Tea? Really?

Is There Really a No Flu Tea?

Photo Source:  Homemade Mommy

Since 70% or your immune system is in your intestinal tract, it is important to nourish your gut. Soups made with meat, poultry or fish stock help to improve immune function, conserve energy through easier digestion and they nourish the intestinal tract itself.   Now while this meme up above calls itself ‘NO Flue Tea’, I’m thinking it is probably more like ‘No Flu Soup’.  At any rate, sounds like a good thing to create.

I have been lucky (or blessed) … I have not had the flu this year and none of my family has battled this either.  Do you guys believe in the flu shot?  Do you believe in home remedies?  Has anyone here battled the flu this season?  I surely hope not.  If you have tips or tricks – – please share!  Meanwhile, stay healthy!  Build up that immune system.  And by all means – – wash those hands!
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The Healthy Habit Lady
December 12, 2012
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