Thou Shalt Not Judge…

Emergency breakfast

So, when it’s your first day of a new college course schedule … and the 2nd day of school for your kids … and the house you live in is on the market for sale … you MIGHT forget to eat breakfast before you dash out the door at 6:55 a.m.

I arrived slightly early to the building.  I am very appreciative of my husband who had taken me to the campus beforehand and showed me where I needed to be, etc.  There was a juice bar in this building, which also has a gym, but the juice bar was closed.  I forgot to eat.  Ooops.  I think I was more concerned with making sure the boys had lunch money and clothes to wear. My scheduled included two classes back to back this morning, so I was afraid I was going to get super hungry.

Alas, the first class … ended early, and the juice bar was thus open.   The choices were limited though. Now this is the type of situation where my SED comes into play and affects things.  While they did have some fruit and yogurt, my fear of unknown foods prevents me from trying something different in a new place (not always, but often).  The apples and oranges just did not look appealing in the least. The yogurt looked runny. Oddly enough they had a bunch of energy drinks, and potato chips and chocolate candy bars, etc.  This was in a gym, mind you.  There was packaged oatmeal, but I saw no place where I would get hot water or how I would prepare the thing.  So I had to settle for a Fiber One bar and a Strawberry Banana smoothie.  Don’t judge, I was desperate.

You know what?  I barely drank half of that thing (it was surely pure sugar) and I maybe ate half of the Fiber Bar.   I felt my heart start to actually beat faster as I began consuming these items.   Surely that was due to high sugar content.

But aside from forgetting breakfast and going to the wrong room (oops) … I was very happy and pleased with these two instructors and classes.  They were completely different, but both amazing.  Feels good to have such clarity about being in the perfectly right place.  Regardless of what room you’re entering. 


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady



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Oh To Be a Pretzel

So today’s adventure at the gym included most of a yoga class and then some stretching and such in the pool (and a soak in the hot tub).

I believe I have only been in a yoga class once or twice in my life.  The whole thing is very foreign to me, I don’t know the terms, etc.  Luckily my friend Mallory was with me, and she seemed quite knowledgeable on all of this stuff.  I got off to a bad start because we were late, as we had to wait for childcare to have spots open up.  Now because we were late, the room was pretty full, and we had to squeeze in on the side near the big wall mirror.   The lovely mirror.  Ugh.

What follows are a few of my observations, or lessons, on this yoga thing.

  • I am not a pretzel.
  • I do not enjoy the mirror reflection of downward dog.
  • I need a stronger core.
  • I have no idea how to breathe.
  • I can touch my toes quite easily (was not always the case).
  • I need to be in the front so I can hear the instructor. (Arrive earlier)
  • I want my own yoga mat.
  • I did not like the yoga music.  Not at all.
  • Some of the poses felt a little scandalous.
  • I can spread my legs wider than I thought I could.
  • Some poses are easier on one side versus the other.
  • I’m not use to being barefoot at the gym.
  • I will do this again and try different classes and styles, including BodyFlow.
  • I need a better solution for my hair, my attempt at a pony tail got in the way on the mat.
  • I need to wear a shirt that fits and is not loose, as I had trouble with my shirt in certain poses dropping into my face.
  • I don’t like closing my eyes.  The paranoid cynic in me thinks I will either miss something important or have some weird stranger poke me or fall on me or something, lol.
  • At the end when I was suppose to lay flat, with eyes closed, and completely relax … I had no idea how to do that.  I felt weird, didn’t keep my eyes closed.  It seemed like it would last forever, so I just stared at the ceiling fan slowing twirling above me while I waited. It was almost mesmerizing and somewhat hypnotic. Maybe I was relaxed after all.

Now in other news, I tried a dark cherry greek yogurt today.  I did not really care for it, seemed to have a strange aftertaste. Maybe it would be better with some pecans or crushed pretzels mixed in there? 😉  Stay tuned for a blog on that later.


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


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I Danced Up a Mountain in Cape Town

Well folks, it was a two-shower kind of day!  I survived my second BodyPump class today at the gym, with my friend Ashley.  I liked this instructor MUCH better.  I’m not sure if it was partially because I was in front of the room and I could hear the instructions better, or what .. but I really appreciated her style and motivation.  Apparently she is a favorite of many.

After the class ended, we decided to sneak in 20 minutes on the dreadmill so I chose the ‘Hike Cape Town, South Africa’ map video, and I’m pretty sure it was trying to kill me.  It bumped up my elevation to 12.5 … and so to make my jelly legs work properly I had to utilize my iPhone playlists of Christian music and started bee-boppin’ to Carman (circa 1980 probably).  I was a dancing fool on that thing, and of course Ashley took a pic.  This is me being brave and posting it on the internet, as-is, side-view.  I must be crazy.


Dancing on the treadmill

And in other news, I’ve tried a few new things lately (other than gym classes). For someone with SED like me, this is huge. I tried a new Special-K Protein Cereal.  It was blah.  Seriously blah.  It was not impressive in the least, and very bland.  I did not even finish the stuff, I probably could have if I really needed to, but I did not.  And for someone like ME to say it is bland, you know it must be bad.  

I also tried a meal replacement Wildberry Smoothie at the gym called Energy Rush or something like that.  I drank it before my workout last Thursday as well as this morning.  Both times I was pleased and will likely order it again.   Funny thing is, my boys liked that smoothie too and they kept stealing sips.


My son with my smoothie

You know what else I tried new? Walnuts!  Well, I had tried them one time before and I did not like them at all.  I introduced all kinds of nuts into my diet a couple of years ago, but could not really get into walnuts at all.  So I decided to give them another try.  Nope.  Still hate them.  Oh well.

Tomorrow’s Adventure?  Yoga.  Ugh, yoga.  Yep, Yoga.  I totally stink at yoga, and I have no coordination or balance whatsoever, but my medical massage therapist told me to try yoga, so I shall do just that.  Thank goodness my friend Mallory is going with.  I need the accountability.  So maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about my downward dog … or perhaps I’ll write about my love affair with pecans.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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How Can a Picky Eater Lose Weight?

First, let’s understand that I am well beyond what most would consider picky eating. I was born this way, no childhood trauma or anything. I had awesome parents. I suffer from something called ‘SED’ which is Selective Eating Disorder. The fear and anxiety that goes into trying new foods can be overwhelming for folks with SED. I am also a supertaster.  I notice things and taste things to a much more extreme than most people.  If it is bitter to you, it is three times more bitter for me.  If you are not familiar with SED or Supertaster, google these terms. There is tons of information. I just wish there had been more data on it when I was a child … I would not have felt like such a freak for so many years. Feeling like a freak led to low self esteem which led to poor lifestyle choices. I won’t even go into all of THAT right now.

I use to lie about it, hide it, make excuses, etc. I had a million tricks to deal with or avoid social situations where I knew eating someone else’s food would be a problem, or going to a new restaurant, etc. It definitely made dating interesting when I was a young woman. I hated sleep away summer camps.

My husband and I did not become parents, until about 9 years into being married. So our habits of being D.I.N.K.S. (Double Income No Kids) … led to a lot of eating out, a lot of movie popcorn with tons of butter … and not a lot of cooking. Heck, I had those habits BEFORE we got married. I pretty much ate out every meal, at fast food or a restaurant, from about age 14, when I began working and making my own money.  I wasn’t on my own at 14, but I pretty much quit eating at home around that time.  And if I was pressed for money, as I often was in the early years of adulthood, when I really WAS on my own, I would just eat a big bag of chips because it was cheap and would satisfy physical hunger. As you can imagine, these horrid habits led to severe obesity, where I topped out at 325 pounds, standing only 5’4″ tall. And the soda, oh good grief the soda, I probably drank 6 or 7 bottles of Mt. Dew a day, no exaggeration.

Honestly, I had no interest in making changes or losing weight until I became a parent. I’m not saying you have to be a parent to be motivated enough to change, but for ME, that was the thing … everybody has their own thing. My kid wanted me to swing on a swing and my 325 pound butt would not even fit into the swing, and it was humiliating. I wanted to be an active mom, around for a long time, and I knew I was morbidly obese. The only way I could tackle the obesity (for me) was to tackle the relationship with food. Longevity is my main motivation. I now have four kids. I had my last child at nearly 39 years of age. I really want to live a long time to see grandchildren etc. I still struggle. I had to force myself to learn to cook. But I’m light years beyond where I was.

How do I get up the courage to try something new when it terrifies me? Education, honestly, is the key. I decided to educate myself on how my body works, how nutrition affects the body, etc. Armed with logical and rational data, I brace myself for the anxiety and gather up the courage.  I will go through periods where I can try new things, and then I will take a break, because it’s exhausting.  I use to do all this privately; but now I talk about it, and make public blogs on the topic, in case there is someone else out there like me, who struggles, and thinks it is all impossible.

Now backing up a bit; since I pretty much became responsible for my own food at age 14 …it was pure freedom to me. I loved it.  But with freedom, comes consequences.  While I was making all of my own choices regarding food, I was making terrible choices.  In every other area of my life I was very driven, did well in school, worked hard, responsible, very active. I only had one sibling and he was gone from our house by the time I was a teenager, so I think my parents just enjoyed the ability to have meals just the two of them and not stress about me. I remember my Dad cooked on weekends; but I loved what he made, pancakes and bacon, so I guess we had that one weekly family time together, every Saturday or Sunday morning.

People ask me if I think I still have SED since I’ve made progress.  The answer is YES.  I definitely still consider myself SED. I still have struggles sometimes in social settings. I recently went on a two week road trip, alone with 4 kids, staying with family and in hotels. I was quite inconvenienced by my SED a few times, especially regarding my need for ice. I also recently spent four days at Family Church Beach Camp where they provided all of the meals. I hate that. I could only eat about half of what was offered and the rest of the time I was digging into my own stash, but there were no microwaves and no refrigerators which made it much harder to improvise. I still hate vegetables, so I have to get them into me via smoothies or juice. I still love carbs way too much so I have to monitor myself for weight purposes.
Now for those who do not know this; my mom died when I was 17, right before I graduated high school.  It was a major unexpected blow and shock.  I got a job and moved out and thus began a career-driven young adulthood where I was on my own and ate out every single meal. I ate fast food mostly. Then the weight started piling on.
So people want to know about my ‘process’.  How to get from there to here, in a nutshell.  I’m not sure how to describe the ‘process’, except that I had a rude awakening of being a parent, being over 300 pounds, and not wanting my children to grow up without a mother if I died young!  I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.   Now, given that my own mom died of heart disease when she was only 45, I just had a reality check of sorts and a very blunt doctor who got me moving, literally. I just started with water exercises. I didn’t worry about food at first, just moving more. Then slowly I decided to replace one bad thing with one good thing, just one at a time. I had started and failed so many dang diets it was ridiculous, and they would always fail because of SED of course. No weight loss diet exists to account for SED, not really. I may make one up, maybe it would be a best seller – but everyone is so different, it’s hard to tell someone else how to do this.
It takes me a long time to get the courage to try something new, it is uncomfortable and I hate throwing up, but I just brace myself for it, do it in the comfort of my own home usually, and just DO IT. I have added several things to my diet this way, but also there are several things that just will never be on my menu, like tomatoes or broccoli or asparagus. I can’t even stand the smell. So the process I guess is setting your mind right, being educated and then knowing you will be uncomfortable and things will be unpleasant, but also knowing it doesn’t last and it won’t kill you!  So I gather up the energy and strength and aim for progress, not perfection. I recently ate eggs at a restaurant for the first time.  That was HUGE.  I only added eggs into my diet in the last few years, but I only ate them at home where I knew exactly what was in them and how they were prepared.  It was liberating to be able to order eggs.  I was very nervous about it, but it went well.  It’s the little things like that which give me courage, motivation and hope.  I still have disastrous fails as well, believe me.  I ordered roasted chicken at a restaurant where they swore it was NOT spicy.  Well, their definition of spicy and mine are completely different.  I could not eat the thing.
So with all glory and praise going to God for his Grace and mighty help and intervention in all of this, I open myself up with complete transparency and encourage you to do the THING that makes you uncomfortable.  Whatever that may be.  Face your fears.  You cannot fix what you will not face. So face it, head on, tummy in a whirlwind and nerves on edge … face what you need to face and get yourself uncomfortable.  Lace up those shoes, put one foot in front of the other, take one step at a time, and get going.  I dare ya.
As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
July 23, 2014
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20 or More Fruits and Veggies?

So I just bought this at my gym … Since I hate vegetables I wonder if this would be good for me to try … It says it has 20+ servings of fruits/vegetables. It came in chocolate and strawberry kiwi at the gym, but there appear to be more flavors online.  It seems they also have Mangosteen Berry, Mangosteen Mint and Strawberry Cream. This is gluten free. I’ve never even heard of this.

They describe it as follows: Dynamic Fruits & Greens Natural Chocolate by Nutri Dyn is a delicious, antioxidant-packed powdered drink mix featuring super fruits, whole-food concentrates, dairy-free probiotics, fiber and enzymes. Naturally sweet, rich chocolate flavor makes it easy to drink your greens!  Alkalizing Antioxidant Super-Fruits, Vegetables, Greens and More!

I have not tasted it yet.  It says to mix with it with chilled water but I will probably mix it with milk.  I got it yesterday.  It is about forty dollars.  Now let’s see how long it takes for me to actually open it up and try it.  I tend to be very slow about these things. So who is placing bets as to how long I wait to actually open it up and give it a whirl??

Update:  It is now July and I have yet to open this thing.  I told you I was slow.  


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
April 7, 2014
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