Fat Photos

Everybody loves to see ‘Fat’ pictures … or before/after pictures.  I prefer to call them before and ‘right now’ pictures … because ultimately, aren’t we all just a work in progress anyway?  But nonetheless … here we go … pictures from my former life when I weighed a whopping 325 pounds … and a progression … until now.  Throughout the journey I have lost over 170 pounds.  That’s like a whole person, yikes!   It took a long time and there was NO magic pill or gimmicks, no tricks, no potions.  Just a whole bunch of hard work, diligent effort, consistent attention to the millions of tiny choices I make every dang day.  And before you ask me, just let me tell you: YES I have saggy skin and YES I have cellulite and YES I have stretch marks.  They are just souvenirs of the many seasons of my body.

First of all:  I was not always morbidly obese – this is me (below) as a teenager…








However; by the time I got married at age 23, I was already quite heavy –
probably 250 pounds-ish.  (FYI this is my 1st husband not my present husband, but he’s part of the story)

DebraWeddingFat1993 DebraWeddingTom1993

These pictures below are with co-workers, a year or so after we were married,
and I had already started gaining more weight.
I remember hating these photos when they came out.

DebFat1994 DebFatHuntPetro

These pictures below are on vacation in Indiana, wearing a size 5X t-shirt; 
I remember being humiliated to buy a shirt that was size 5X


This picture was classic ‘Deb’ as I would hide behind things in photographs.


The shirt I am wearing in this photo is a size 5X

 The pictures below were taken in Virginia on a hike – I remember getting winded very easily and was very frustrated by my lack of stamina.



So I Joined
a Gym !

DebraAtLTF   DebAtGym



 I started going to the gym – off and on – I was not consistent – but I went when I could – and I made an effort – it definitely helped me start forming habits.

and I started working out with FRIENDS - it makes a big difference

and I started working out with FRIENDS – it makes a big difference

It also helped a lot when I realized I needed buddies

and accountability partners.

This is mid-progress I guess

This is mid-progress I guess – I was very nervous to have my daughter take this picture of me in our front yard.  I hated my arms (still don’t love them) and that outfit was way beyond my comfort zone but I was making progress and I knew I should have some pictures.

SO, I got outside a LOT more and learned to love climbing hills and exploring parks and camping…

DebraWindyHair DebraYellowUVAShirt2014


and I got out of my comfort zone – like climbing into a big rubber floating tube and having fun in the river…

DebraTubeRiver DebraTubingRvrTubingDeb2016

…and I seriously had to enhance my kitchen skills –
cooking at home is critical


and I learned to cook

…and I learned to cook









…and I learned to eat better, and make smoothies,
and pay attention to what I put into my body…



and I learned to use iTunes and headphones to enjoy music while exercising…

and I learned to use iTunes and use headphones to have fun with music while working out

and I started taking selfies – and getting more confident – and talking about the journey online…



and I had to STOP the negative self-talk, and the ‘all or nothing’ mentality …


and I utilized the support of good friends and family – both near and far

DebraJoanne DebraKaylaRedDebraKelly DebraMichelleSC



…and I got the kids involved in this new lifestyle…






September 2014


Fall 2015


Spring 2016


Summer 2016


March 2019 – Feeling Fab

To GOD be the Glory – because without Him, this would not have been possible.  

Phil. 4:13 has been my mantra for quite a while now.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


18 thoughts on “Fat Photos

  1. Amazing story Deb. You have much to be proud of!


  2. You are an inspiration. Congratulations on your success!


  3. You are absolutely amazing!!!!
    Such an inspiration my friend.
    Congrats on the healthy new you!


  4. So very proud of you! Love you lots!


  5. Kim

    You are amazing!!!! Thanks fur sharing your story!!!


  6. Dietra

    Thank you for sharing your what a blessing and so encouraging.


  7. GREAT blog, Deb! I particularly love that you start out with that you aren’t in “after” mode, you aer in “where I am now” mode. Heaven knows you never get done with this journey. And what an honor it is to have you include my photo!


  8. Judy Neaves

    You are an inspiration to many people. Awesome!


  9. Meggi

    Awesome journey. Great story and inspiration to those who are now taking up the challenge. Congratulations on your great endeavor.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. susanne

    Thanks for sharing that! God is so good!


  11. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing! Very inspiring. You wrote you started going to a gym but you didn’t write about what you did with your food and eating… of course I’m curious what changes you made!


  12. You are an inspiration! You look wonderful. Thank you.


  13. Karen

    I love this story too. I can feel it more in my bones, that I’m going to get there one day. I really am! Thanks, Deb!!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Cheryl

    Deb, you are an inspiration and your storytelling is remarkable! You have given me the oomph I needed to get out of a slump after losing 90 pounds. I have 35 more pounds to get rid of in the next 4 months! I have to stop making excuses and get moving. Thank you for showing me that despite some setbacks on your journey, you did it! I WILL DO IT!! Seeing your blog has been very timely for me. Thanks, Deb!!


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