My History

Honestly, I think I have tried anything and everything under the sun to lose weight and get to an ideal body fat percentage. I’m not there, I’m not done. I have been a member of Weight Watchers and things like that. Just take a look at my enormous book shelves and infinite supply of reading related to health, fitness and nutrition – and weight loss – and exercise – and everything in between.

When I decided it was time to get serious about changing my lifestyle, as opposed to just losing weight, I got active on a website called SparkPeople …. it was very helpful for community and online articles, recipes, etc. My username at SparkPeople is HealthyHabitGal  … which is also the user name I use for many sites, such as my FitBit site or MyFitnessPal.  Present day, I honestly do not use them much, but they were critical to me in the beginning and I met amazing friends there for support.

Via SparkPeople, I ended up meeting another group of fitness souls and we all became Facebook friends, and honestly I’ve never met most of them in person, although I did meet several this past winter. They are a wonderful support for me. These people inspired me!  Meanwhile; I am also an administrator for a few Facebook groups and they are awesome for motivation and support.  So if you do not have a support circle, find one – whether online or in person – it is critical.

As for ideal eating habits, I am not there yet – not 100% anyway. I am learning and taking baby steps. This idea I have, this blog and the gumption for trying new foods/recipes, well it is my attempt to get me there. I honestly believe that Lifestyle changes are the way to go, and the only way people will ever be free of their demons and at their ideal body weight for them.

I’ve come a LONG way in eliminating things, but have more to go. It is my hope and intention (goal rather) … that as I add in more and more of the GOOD stuff, there simply will be no room for the bad stuff.

As always – Make Champion Choices!
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