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Kickapoo Camping

So me and my crew went camping at a new destination this weekend, about 3 hours west of here.  It is called Kickapoo Caverns State Park … a great use of our annual state park pass we buy every year.  The other great thing is that we had two families from Church join us, which really made it awesome.  Fabulous fellowship, great weather and an all around good time (except for the puke from James in the car on the way there and my 9 year old’s bloody nose on the way home, lol).

One bummer of the trip was that my daughter could not go, she had to work, and it really seems weird to go camping without her!

I really enjoyed hiking a trail up a hill and the view from the top.  One thing that became painfully clear to me, though, is that I definitely need new shoes.  I also realized I should never under-estimate the Texas sun, as I did indeed get sunburned.

I will confess, I did not sleep well in the tent.  Partly because it was very windy and thus noisy, but also because my 5 year old was still kinda recovering from being ill and he kept trying to burrow himself inside my body all night.  But it wasn’t too bad.  I think the hubby and I have agreed that an air mattress is now in order.

And there’s a bonus.   I managed to lose 2 pounds since last weigh in, so clearly our little camping adventure did not derail me.  That’s always a plus.  There were chips, and s’mores and and all kinds of things available for my consumption, but I stuck to what I had planned.  And on the topic of eating, I was quite impressed that my oldest son, William, tried and ate hard boiled eggs.  He has never done that before, and he liked them.  Thomas liked them too, but he is much better at trying new things.  William is more like me, so both me and him are definitely making progress.  YAY!   Now they want hard boiled eggs before school.  I can’t complain about that.

So we’ve made plans for another camping trip with the same family.  We’ve decided on the weekend, but need to nail down a destination as many of the parks are already full.  So hopefully at the end of April, we’ll do this again, somewhere new, and rack up some miles in our adventure logs.  Hopefully by then I’ll have new shoes too.   And if I’m really lucky, I’ll have a new air mattress as well.

Me in all my natural glory 🙂

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

March 30, 2014

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