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Quinoa Walnut Smoothie


My preferred protein powder

Quinoa Walnut Smoothie

This here smoothie creation is great when you need a go-to pick-me-up and something to keep you full, longer. True staying power. I realize the quinoa could seem like a peculiar component, but trust me. Quinoa gives it a boost of fiber, as well as protein. It also helps in making this smoothie thick and creamy, as does the coconut oil. So who is up for the challenge to give this a try?

Serves 1-2


1/3 cup cooked and cooled quinoa
1 cup water
1 frozen banana
1 1/2 tablespoons walnut halves (adding a little more for some garnish is optional)
1 1/2 teaspoons coconut oil (good fats right there)
1 date – the kind you pit, not the kind you invite … so yes, one pitted date
A pinch of cinnamon (the ground up kind)
A dash of vanilla (pure or imitation extract)11.5 grams of your preferred chocolate protein powder (or two heaping teaspoons if that is easier to measure) … I use UMP Protein Powder by Beverly International

Preparation: Purée all ingredients in a blender until smooth. I like to use my VItamix. Transfer to a glass and serve immediately.

As Always, Make Champion Choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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