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Books That Changed My Life

My Son Reading The Bible

My Son Reading The Bible

So, you’re not a reader.  Well  – – read a book anyway.  Make the time.  Sometimes ya just gotta do it.  I have several that earn that phrase ‘changed my life’.  I’m not an avid book reader in that I have piles and piles laying around to step over; but I do like to read.  I like non-fiction as well as fiction.  I like real books as well as my Kindle.  I do own entire too many books that sit on my shelves; despite the hundreds I just recently gave away and donated.  Yes – – we own a lot of books.

But nonetheless; here is my list of books that I read at different times in my life, for different reasons, and they each affected me in great ways.  I inhaled them all word by word.  So, thus, they are highly recommended by little ole me.  They are not in any particular order, although I will confess that I read the Spark Book first.  Well; actually I read the Bible first; but I’m not included that in this list.  But let’s just say the Bible obviously changed my life far before any other book ever did, can’t forget my little Jesus plug, now can I? 🙂

SparkBookEatCleanDietFamKidsBook DanielPlanBookTheHungerFixBook MadeToCraveBook DesignatedFatGirlBook PUSHBookImage CompoundEffectBook

Meanwhile; I am working on writing a book this year; or finishing one rather.  I have many titles and manuscripts rolling around in my head, but first and foremost look for a title to be published this year by The Healthy Habit Lady; and maybe, just maybe, someone will put ME on their list of books that helped them change their habits.

Picture taken April 2007

And while I’m on the subject of books, I feel I should mention that I happen to have a handwritten copy of a cookbook my mother kept.  Really, it’s just a spiral notebook of sorts, but she was an artist and talented in oh so many areas; so this book is mighty precious to me.  I cling to it, as you can imagine.  Since I lost my mom at 17 years of age; it’s not like I can call her up for advice, so it’s kind of sweet to have her handwritten words on paper and some of her tips on cooking.  So yeah, that book kinda changed my life too; but sorry, you can’t order it from Amazon. This photo was taken in April of 2007 when I was having way too much fun with my daughter in the kitchen and we were playing with some flour.

Blogs/websites that I highly recommend are:

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As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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