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My Brains Are At War

According to some random internet quiz, I am 34% left brain and 66% right brain.  I have taken these types of things before, and the answers are usually similar, that I am pretty much right-brain dominant.  If you care about Meyers Brigg personality typing, I am ENFP.  (Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving) … or something like that.  If you like Astrology, I am a Leo.

More importantly, I am human and I am female.  These two facts will never change and cannot be disputed, at least I hope not.  Now because I am a female human, I can attach emotions to scientific data, when really – there is no need to do such.

Case in point?  The scale.  When we step on a scale to see how much we weigh, it is simply data.  It is a number.  It has to do with gravity.  It is ONE piece of information that tells us about our overall health.  Just one piece.  And it’s a small piece at that.

My scale keeps telling me the same data every day, for like two weeks now.  Really?  No change? Ugh says the frustrated female.  Why isn’t it moving? Not up, not down?  Well let’s at least be happy it is not UP after all, right?  My logical brain knows that this is just a number and it is no reason to be upset.  My emotional brain screams ‘waaaaahhhh’.  These two lovely brains are at war over stupid data from a tiny little piece of equipment that lives in my bathroom.

Some folks will go to extremes and say ‘ditch the scale’ or throw it away and never look at the thing. For me personally, that is not the answer.  I like to monitor things.  I’d rather notice a small change that needs attention, as opposed to being shocked by a big change.  

It should go without saying, but we also need to measure our bodies, you know, with a measuring tape.  Those things do still exist, I promise.  You also need to be checked by your doctor, and let them steal your blood.  What is your cholesterol?  What is your blood sugar?  What is your thyroid doing?  You should know what your normal blood pressure reading is, and what is your resting pulse rate.  Okay, mama is done preaching now.

But alas I got a little whiney this morning when, yet again, no change in the scale.  However, and this is the real point .. my pants are loose.  I just bought these size 12 jeans, and they are loose. I’ve also been lifting weights regularly … and this is part of the picture as well.  A million factors are part of the puzzle, and thus I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.

Tomorrow’s agenda?  BodyAttack at the gym.  I’m trying a new class with friends at high noon. I’m quite excited about this.  ALL of my brain is excited about this 🙂 

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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