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Forward, Sideways or What?

New Yoga Pants

  Mama Got New Yoga Pants

Are you moving forward, sideways or what ?

Did you know that exercise training is an adaptive process? Of course you did. But do you really ‘get it’ – that your body will adapt to the stress of exercise? Your body will reward you with increased fitness if the stress is above a minimum threshold intensity. Do you want to achieve maximum effectiveness? Then you must consider what factors are involved in the adaptation of muscle to stress and de-conditioning. Such factors include overload, specificity, reversibility, as well as our individual differences.

Skeletal muscle is amazing with regard to its adaptability. If a muscle is stressed within appropriate limits, it adapts and improves its function. For example, weight lifters exercise their arms and shoulders, so their muscles hypertrophy and improve their strength. Larger muscles allow them to accommodate an increased load. Likewise, if a muscle receives less stress than it’s used to, it atrophies. For example, the muscles of a leg with a cast will atrophy in response to not being used.

The purpose of physical training is to stress the body so that it improves its capacity to exercise. Physical training is beneficial only as long as it forces the body to adapt to the stress of physical effort. If the stress is not sufficient to overload the body, then no adaptation occurs.

In other words – don’t get too comfortable. If you keep doing the same workouts over and over with no improvement, you’re not gaining strength or flexibility, etc. Exercise is always a good thing – don’t get me wrong. There are cardiovascular benefits; social aspects – just the mere fact of NOT being sedentary is awesome. But what is you goal? What are you trying to accomplish? If you don’t know. Figure it out.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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Don’t Wait on Weights…

When I first started out trying to exercise, I was what some people call a ‘Cardio Bunny’.  I had this idea that I had to exhaust myself on a treadmill to make any sort of difference.  The longer, the better.  I never went anywhere near the weights in the gym; because … well, I was FAT and WEAK and I thought I would just ‘wait’ for those scary weights until I was in better shape.  Here’s a tip.  Don’t do that.

At the heart of every path, or for any exercise class, lies the foundation for which all specialized skills flow: Yep, strength training!  Whether a beginner or an expert, strength training is a crucial part of your path.

So tell me.  Are you trying to lose 150 lbs or just that stubborn last ten? Regardless, I promise you that strength training will be the most effective and efficient way to reach your goals.  Lift, lower, pull and push heavy things. If you have never done it before, start small. Strength training allows you to burn the most fat with the least amount of effort – so you basically get more bang for your buck! I’m always telling people – work smarter, not harder.

Why is it more efficient?  Well, your muscles needs to replenish themselves after a strength training workout – some studies have even shown that it can boost your metabolism for up to 38 hours after a workout, because your body is working hard to rebuild.  Conservatively, let’s say 24 hours. Different sources report different findings – but the idea is the same. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to build muscle or lower your body fat percentage in order to get a more defined or ‘toned’ physique,  it goes without saying that lifting heavy things is incredibly important. I dare say essential.

Also, remember this.  Life is simply easier when you’re strong. Whether you’re transporting groceries, hauling moving boxes, carrying an injured kid, climbing out of a ditch or trying to get your car out of the snow, being strong is definitely a huge plus.  Trust me on this.  I literally just moved into a brand new house.  I, myself, was even amazed at how easily I moved heavy things and climbed a thousand flight of stairs.  Was I tired? Sure. Did my muscles ache?  You bet.  Yet, I got it done.  I was able to do what I wanted to do and enjoyed great satisfaction in the process.

There are many other benefits and much Science behind the beauty of strength training, but this blog post has gone on long enough.  So I leave you with this.  A photo.

This picture below was taken a long time ago.  I had just purchased my first set of hand weights to use at home.  My daughter made me pose as I was working out in the yard. I felt so silly at the time, but now I am kinda glad she did that.  It’s nice having pictures along the journey.

As Always, Make Champion Choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

I had to start somewhere!

I had to start somewhere!

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